We can install bathroom suites to your specification. Depending on the layout of you house applicances can be moved around and additional shower cubicles etc, added.



There are many types of shower available and it can be difficult deciding what to go for. We can advise which types would be suitable for your particular circumstances.


  • Low pressure showers - rely on gravity to feed the hot & cold water to the shower head.
  • Pumped showers - a separate pump is fitted to the system to boost the water pressure.
  • Power showers - powerful shower units integrated with pumps that take the hot and cold supply from you existing water system.
  • Electric showers - available in many power ratings, water supply is taken from the mains supply, heated & pumped electrically - separate from your water system.


General Plumbing

Dripping taps? Toilet won't flush? Leaking pipes? - we can help!


Power Flushing


We have the latest Kamco power flushing system, allowing us to thoroughly clean your central heating system. Over time, a central heating will create a build-up of sludge and deposit, which make your system slugish, inefficent and noisy.


If your radiators take an eternity to heat up or have 'cold spots' then you probably need your system flushing. At the same time we can descale your boiler using the same system. After this process a corrosion inhibitor is added to your system to prolong its life.


We can also advise on descaling and water softening devices.

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